For the past 17 years we have been running our very popular domestic discipline website: in which we strictly discipline our girls and women for real life bad behaviour.

After making over 1900 domestic discipline RLS videos we, wanted to do more in the way of fantasy films. We all decided that 'Spanked In Uniform' was a great idea, and that we should introduce a number of new girls not seen before in RLS!

This site is unique, because instead of making random videos our videos are actual episodes from 19 different series with a set cast and starring different girls in each episode.

We are also flying in top models and  they will  be part of our team. We have allready done a great number of wonderfull shoots with a lot of beautifull foreign girls.

We put a lot of time and creativity in producing our videos with good storylines, intros, music, camerawork, visual effects, sounds  and editing not seen in any spanking videos today. OK, we are not George Lucas Productions but you will be pleasantly surprised

We have revamped the site  to keep it up to date in the current climate.

Join today and enjoy the thousands of HD videos and galleries for as little as
$ 14.00 per month.

New Update: 29.05.2019

Kaya Gets Soundly Punished Part One And Two

Starring: Cindy And Kaya


New Update: 11.05.2019

Sammie's Punishment Afternoon Part Three

Starring: Sammie


New Update: 03.05.2019

Sammie's Punishment Afternoon Part Two

Starring: Sammie


New Update: 25.04.2019

Sammie's Punishment Afternoon Part One

Starring: Sammie


New Update: 14.04.2019

Julie's Punishment Weekend Part Four

Starring: Julie


New Update: 07.04.2019

Julie's Punishment Weekend Part Three

Starring: Julie

New Update: 31.03.2019

Julie's Punishment Weekend Part Two

Starring: Julie

New Update: 24.03.2019

Julie's Punishment Weekend Part One

Starring: Julie

New Update: 12.03.2019

Lisa Gets A Hard Spanking And
The Wooden Spoon For Not Cleaning Properly

Starring: Lisa

New Update: 17.02.2019

The SIU Badminton Club

Episode 18. The Spatula Part Two

Starring: New Girl Isabelle And Betty


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