For the past 15 years we have been running our very popular domestic discipline website: in which we strictly discipline our girls and women for real life bad behaviour.

After making over 1470 domestic discipline RLS videos we, wanted to do more in the way of fantasy films. We all decided that 'Spanked In Uniform' was a great idea, and that we should introduce a number of new girls not seen before in RLS!

This site is unique, because instead of making random videos our videos are actual episodes from 18 different series with a set cast and starring different girls in each episode.

We are also flying in top spanking models from the UK and other countries.and  they will  be part of our team. We have allready done wonderfull shoots with the beautifull and talented Lottie Kinsade, Emma Bishop, Leia-Ann Woods, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake, Kami Robertson, Ellen May Davis , Caroline Grey , Danielle Hunt, Sarah Bright, Kinky Clover, Catherine o Hara, Nicky Montford, Aleesha Fox, Fae Corbin, Tiina K, Alex Reynolds and Adreena Winters, Adrienn, Timi ,Nisha, Masie Dee, Satine Spark and Lola Marie

We put a lot of time and creativity in producing our videos with good storylines, intros, music, camerawork, visual effects, sounds  and editing not seen in any spanking videos today. OK, we are not George Lucas but you will be pleasantly surprised


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18 Unique Series

448 Full Episodes Uploaded



New Update: 29.11.2016

The Sexy Maid Cleaning

Episode 18: The Phone Part Three

Starring: Sexy Maids Scarlett And Jentina


In the criminal justice system all small crimes and misdemeanors are now dealt with by a special unit formed by the police

The Special Spanking Unit

These are their stories...

(This is a parody so no copyright infringement is intended)

All the WMV episodes are in FULL HD


Welcome to the Masonfield Prison For Women

Masonfield is a low security prison that reabilitates female prisoners who have commited minor offences

The prison is run with an iron hand by Warden Johnson and He and the guards use corporal punishment very liberally

The wearing of underwear has to be earned by good behaviour so most prisoner's bottoms are bare at all times and easily accesable if a spanking, thrashing or caning is required

All the WMV episodes are in FULL HD


Welcome to the Bellview Catholic School For Girls

Bellview is a very strict religious school where only the very naughty of girls are sent to be reformed.

The nuns, and the principal, believe strongly in the use of corporal punishment and hard hand spankings, birchings, strappings, paddlings  and the cane are handed out  frequently and severely.

"Spare the rod spoil the child"

All the WMV episodes are in FULL HD


Welcome to the Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency

Do you need a beautiful and sexy maid that will clean your Home, Office
 or Car? Or maybe you need one of the girls to add a little spice to that next party you will be having?

Then you need one of our sexy Maids that you can enjoy looking at cleaning the very things that you worked so hard for.

We have a wide variety of Sexy Maids Uniforms for you to choose from

The maids are used to having their bottoms spanked at the Agency if they misbehave or not do their job properly but for an extra fee you can spank them yourself and they will obediently offer their bottoms up to you to discipline

All the WMV episodes are in FULL HD


Welcome to the SIU Badminton Club

Coach Mike runs the club with an iron hand and the girls know that the only punishment at the SIU Badminton Club is a very sore bottom

The girls wear a very sexy modern badminton uniform with a skort

Join and come and see the matches, practise sessions and of course the girls being punished.

All the WMV episodes are in FULL HD


Welcome to Hotbotts School Of Wizardry And Witchcraft

As the name suggests The Hotbotts School is a very strict school run by the
 very wise Wizard Gendal.

Unlike other schools of Magic, Hotbotts enforces corporal punishment and that includes the cane and birch.

The girls know very well if they misbehave or do not follow the rules, their botts
 will be very very hot!

All WMV episodes are in FULL HD


It is the year 2364 and Earth Fleet Command has decided that all females serving in Earth Fleet that have discipline problems, serve some time on the Disciplinary Ship Genesis.

The captain on board the Genesis is the very strict captain Rogers who runs his ship with an iron hand.

Join us on her missions and see ensigns, Earth Fleet cadets and officers get rid of their discipline issues by means of well spanked red sore bottoms!


Welcome to the famous Mike's 50's Diner!

It is not an ordinary diner. Apart from serving great food and the best steaks in town, the owner and Chef Mike is a strict disciplinarian and the waitresses and customers are fully aware of that.

If the waitresses make any kind of mistake, their bottoms are immediatelly spanked or thrashed soundly!

Even the customers are allowed to spank the girls if it is warrented

They wear special 50's style pink uniforms with frilly white knickers and cute pink ankle socks.

Burgers, Steaks, shakes and red sore bottoms!


The Whippingsham Secretarial College is well known throughout the business community as they train the best secretaries in the country

Through a very strict regime the girls are trained to be perfect secretaries

Hard working, dedicated, submissive and an asset to any boss

The methods used at the Whippingsham College are very old fashioned and include sound spankings, thrashings, canings and other punishments

The dresscode is also very strict and the business uniform has to be worn at all times

The secretaries are also regularly sent out as temps to other businesses so they get work experience while being trained

Below are all the episodes of The Whippingsham Secretarial College


The Southport Naval Academy is an established very strict school where young female navy cadets are trained and educated

Since 1630 corporal punishment has been used at the academy and the cadets are no strangers to sore red well spanked or caned bottoms

The cadets wear very old fashioned sailor uniforms with short skirts, white knickers, white knee socks and white shoes

Below are the episodes of The Southport Naval Academy


The Rockford School Of Dance is a small but highly renowned dancing school. Girls who enroll know that they are subject to very strict discipline and only the very high standards are accepted.

Any laziness, lack of discipline, naughtiness etc. is dealt with the old fashioned way. With a  sound spanking or thrashing or even the cane!

Below are the episodes of The Rockford School Of Dance


The Montgomery Military Academy is an institution where the cadets are subject to strict and harsh discipline.

Corporal punishment is widely practised at the Academy and no cadet is a stranger to a very sore and hot bottom under her uniform.

A strict routine, Inspections, rigorous PT, marches, drills etc. are the order of the day

Below are the episodes of The Montgomery Military Academy


The Birchrod Inn is a small bed and breakfast located in the countryside. When girls from the hotel schools, other hotels or personal maids do not perform their maid duties properly, they are sent to the Birchrod Inn to get a few days training which includes strict discipline and plenty of sore red bottoms.

The girls are dressed in a very sexy French Maid's uniform


Europe Airlines is a small international airline and our stewardesses are no stranger to a well spanked bottom!. For every bad performance, lateness, rudeness to passengers etc, the stewardesses get their bottoms soundly spanked even ON the airplanes in front of the passengers

The stewardesses are dressed in a classy yet sexy pink uniform

No uniform site is complete without a schoolgirl series.

St. Catherines private school for girls is a very strict school where old fashioned has become new fashion. The headmaster and teachers use corporal punishment for every offence, disobedience or naughtiness.

Not a day goes by where the anguished cries of one or more girls getting their bottoms soundly spanked cannot be heard coming from the dreaded punishment room.

The girls are dressed in a authentic English uniform including the traditional navy blue knickers

St. Elizabeth private hospital is a hospital where the nurses and trainees know very well what a sore well spanked bottom feels like.

Every doctor will  not hesitate turning a naughty nurse over his or her knee if she doesn't do her work properly or is naughty And naughty they are!

The nurses have to wear a white and red sexy uniform which is short so their bottoms can bared quickly when correction is required.

The series South-West Police Station takes place in a small police station in a well known city.

The chief constable runs his police station with an iron hand and quite regularly the female constables have to bare their bottoms for a sound spanking or thrashing.

When they don't perform their duties well there is only one punishment. A very sore and red bottom! Even in public!